HST Relief: Rebates & Loans

HST Relief: Rebates & Loans is dedicated to helping investors purchase property in Ontario. With 14 years of experience in finance and real estate, our organization possesses the expertise to help you achieve your goals in real estate investment. Our team of professionals consists of experienced Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Tax Accountants and Financial Institutions. We provide the insight that you need in order to collect the rebate funds you are entitled to under Ontario’s new HST New Housing Rebate and to ensure that your property closes with the finances required on the final closing date.

In response to the latest HST New Housing Rebate, HST Relief: Rebates & Loans provides a “Turn Key Solution” in a confusing time of partial and misinformation. When our clients utilize our resources for their HST loan and rebate, clients also gain access to our various investment management and financing resources.