Our services are designed to assist investors with closing a new build investment property.  HST Relief: Rebates & Loans will lend you the HST New Housing Rebate amount needed to close your investment property (up to $31,000) and we will file your Rebate with the CRA to get your money back.

The price set out in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale from the builder assumes that the purchaser will be using the property as a primary residence and therefore, the builder will receive your property’s HST New Housing Rebate.   This way, the builder does not need to charge you the HST in addition to the sale price.   However, if the new build investment property will be non-owner occupied, you are required to pay the HST in full on the date of final closing and title transfer.

Since the HST New Housing Rebate took effect recently and many investors are unaware of this new regulation, there is often only a short time frame to come up with these funds in time for final closing. Failure to come up with the HST by final closing can jeopardize the owner’s deposit and can result in litigation from the builder for breach of contract.

The HST Relief: Rebates & Loans services include filing for the rebate, lending up to $31,000 to cover your HST and collecting your rebate from CRA. Prospective clients’ credit and debt service ratios must be within our parameters as HST Relief secures the loan as a second mortgage.

Download the electronic version of our brochure here.