Goal of our Services

The goal of our service is to bridge the financial gap for buyers who require closing finances to cover the HST charged on non-owner occupied properties in Ontario.  Our program also provides the service of filing the rebate to reclaim the HST.  We also get our clients’ money back from previously purchased investment properties for which title transfer occurred less than 2 years ago.

In  recent  years,  the  combination  of  all  three  levels  of Canadian  government  has  made  it  increasingly  difficult for Ontarians  to purchase investment   properties due to increasing closing costs and additional taxation.  Amidst these   challenges, the third quarter of 2014 is the 3rd best quarter in Toronto’s history for new construction sales.  Sales are up 53% month over month since September 2013.  Our service allows investors  to  continue to  purchase  real  estate  in Ontario by helping to relieve some of the financial burden.